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Image walking into a softly lighted, tastefully appointed room, taking off your shoes and socks, lying down on a comfortably cushioned reflexology chair and for the next hour, while a Licensed Reflexologist nurturingly works on your feet, hands and outer ears, you experience profound relaxation as wave after wave of accumulated tension and stresses leave your body. You walk away feeling more relaxed and better than you felt for quite a while.



You are not alone!  Watching my loved ones suffer while they cared for their loved ones was hard to see but what I didn't realize was how easy it was to forget ones self during this time. When my husband was diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer in 2016, I was there...depleted...even though I knew.  This nudged a passion in me to help nurture others while they care for their loved ones.


April 30th of this year, my husband was, again, diagnosed with that dreaded c-word but this time it really didn't look good. Stage IV colorectal that metastasized to the lungs with 3 smaller tumors and 1 tumor the size of an orange, pushing up against his windpipe and entangled with the main pulmonary branch making it inoperable. Through this is where Grace Visible's Journal was birthed and a goal to help YOU on your journey and live through what can be a very tough time in life. I am so glad you stopped by and I look forward to meeting you and helping you with encouragement, reflexology tips, nutritional support and essential oil education.




Park Rapids MN

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